October is the perfect time for considering holiday-themed car wash marketing ideas. With a slightly spooky (for some) setting already, your car wash can be converted into a spookfest that helps your community celebrate the start of the holiday season and draws customers to get a wash and a fright. Two car wash marketing ideas, a haunted car wash and “trunk or treating,” are great for showcasing your company, getting your name out there, and increasing your traffic.

Haunted Car Wash

Hosting a haunted car wash means you add lights, smoke, and costumes to your everyday car wash to give it a spooky or haunted house theme. This is a great car wash marketing idea because it puts a new spin on your daily services and can cater to a variety of age groups. The haunted wash can be slightly spooky which draws families in for a visit, or terrifying at late hours for a more adult crowd. Creating your own haunted car wash allows you to add creativity to your business, provides your community an enticing way to celebrate Halloween and get a car wash at the same time, and can potentially get your name on the local news.

A Quality Car Wash in Holland, Michigan staged a Tunnel of Terror haunted wash in the evenings from 8PM to Midnight for a price point a little higher than the usual wash. They used a Facebook page to market the event which gave users a platform to discuss their plans, provided word of mouth, and increased their Facebook traffic.

Shine Express Carwash in Arlington, Texas was featured by their local news station as part of their haunted houses segment. The article includes a short video as a teaser for the event and features the costumes, signs, masks, and lights they used to create their haunted car wash. A great car wash marketing idea the article mentions is that a haunted car wash is often a lower price point than a traditional haunted house, making it a great budget friendly option for families. It’s also a two for one bargain, experiencing a haunted house and getting a car wash at the same time.

Trunk or Treating

Another car wash marketing idea to use around Halloween is hosting a Trunk or Treating event. Trunk or Treating is when a series of cars decorate their trunks for Halloween and children visit each trunk to Trick or Treat. Often these events include prizes for the best decorated trunks, best costume, and other themed rewards. This is a great event for families because it’s typically less scary and for a younger audience. As a car wash marketing tool it could be a way to offer the community a chance to win a free wash. If you charge admission you could offer a discount wash with event tickets which gets more people to experience your service.

Mr. Magic Car Wash at Mt. Nebo Pointe featured their event on their blog. The post offered all the details about the event including how to participate, the prizes, and the registration form. By hosting an event like this it’s a great opportunity to drive traffic to your website, get your name out in the community, and draw more traffic to your location which can boost sales and create repeat customers.