weird newsThings are strange in the world these days, and the car wash industry is not to be outdone. At least not when it comes to bizarre antics that just happen to take place near these small businesses. Enjoy your second monthly helping of the weird this month.

A man in Florida recently offered an impressive excuse for why he was found completely naked at a car wash in Palm Beach. The man was arrested after police found him without any drawers on. Why was he naked? Well it’s simple, he told the officers. His pants simply “took off running by themselves without me.” To boot, the man was found standing next to his vehicle while blaring music.

And a woman found herself stranded at a car wash in Kalispell, Montana. The Daily Inter Lake reports that the woman finished her car wash cycle but was unable to exit the car wash tunnel afterwards. The woman even dialed the car wash from her phone in the tunnel to ask an employee for help. When that failed, they called police but managed to open the car wash so she could drive away before the officers arrived on scene.

And these newborn Chihuahua puppies are getting a second chance after employees at a car wash found them abandoned in the dumpster. Three puppies were found freezing in the dumpster just hours after their birth. They’re being nursed back to health and will be available for adoption in a few months.