This is the damaged car. (Photo: Screengrab/

This is the damaged car. (Photo: Screengrab/

There are scary car washes (remember Ford’s Halloween gimmick? Or your childhood?). And then there are actually really freaking scary am I going to die car washes.

That’s the kind that happened to Barbara Hughes near Vancouver, Canada, according to A truck went into the conveyor wash ahead of her, and it had some pieces of metal in its bed. The report doesn’t say what kind of truck it was or what the metal was, but the debris became entangled in the spinning brushes, which proceeded to pummel her BMW SUV.

As you can see from the picture or from the video (by clicking the link) the damage was pretty extensive. The hood is all dented, the windshield was mashed in and the moon roof is destroyed. Keep in mind Hughes is in the vehicle while all of this is going on. She doesn’t want to get out and risk injury, so she does the only thing she can think of: She laid on the horn.

Nobody came, though. Apparently nobody heard. Then then water started coming in. “I had to go through the whole system and then the blower… and I still had my hand on the horn,” she told Global News. “I put my car into drive but it did nothing. There was no way to get out.”

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