Unknown.jpegYesterday we told you about a California car wash that reported having its system hacked and its customers’ information exposed to theft. That happened in Los Angeles, where Fox11 reports the breach took place back in February. The hackers used malware to access customers’ names, card numbers and pins. They did this over the period of about three weeks before the business noticed.

The company quickly warned customers to check their bank statements to see if they’d been a victim. So far we haven’t seen any reports of individual customers saying they were targeted. But we are hearing that other car wash businesses across the country may have also been compromised.

In South Carolina, the owners of Whatta Wash Car Wash in Spartanburg are doing the same thing: warning their customers that they’re information has been compromised. WSPA reports that the car wash owners learned of a possible breach March 27. They believe their information was exposed to hackers for a period of about a week from Feb. 20 to March 2. An employee there said about 200 car washes who also use the same point of sale system were also hacked.

While many car washes have programs in place to prevent such things from happening, they said hackers are always upping their game and looking for new ways around the system.

“We’re a small business, so we didn’t have any way of knowing this was happening and in a way we’re sort of victimized too without even knowing it,” owner Marty Dew explained. “Integrity, honesty, respect are the business values that we have so when we found out about it, we wanted to make sure that our customers knew about it.”