Nepal Earthquake

(Photo: UNICEF)

Car wash owners in U.K. are using their businesses to help raise money for victims of the Nepal earthquakes.

Staff at Splash and Dash car wash in Bolton raised more than $450 by donating an entire day’s profit to the cause. All 13 employees of the shop came in to work for a day without wages, the owners told The Bolton News.

“The impact of this massive earthquake has been devastating and this money is really needed,” Mohammed Hanif said. “The situation is heartbreaking.”

Elsewhere, churches and other groups have been pitching in with the tradition of neighborhood car washes, hoping to earn a bit of cash for the cause.

The Moline Baptist Church in Moline, Michigan held a car wash Saturday for victims, according to A church in Oxford, Massachussets did the same earlier this month, and topped things off with a bake sale.

If you’re looking to donate profits in a similar fashion, contact the American Red Cross for more info on how to help.