car1-1100x733.jpgOwners of a car wash chain in New York say they believe there’s room for two car wash businesses in the town of Rochester. The Buffalo News reports that Royal Car Wash has plans to add a business in Buffalo and is already up and running in Rochester. This summer, Royal Car Wash will open another location in Lancaster and plans to add another handful in the coming years, the paper reports.

That could be some unwelcome news for Delta Sonic, a chain that’s been around since the owner of Royal Car Wash was just a kid. Delta Sonic wouldn’t comment for The Buffalo News story, but the business has a bit of a legacy in the state.

Delta Sonic was founded by the late real estate magnate Nathan Benderson in Niagara Falls in 1967. It is the region’s largest automatic car wash chain, with more than 1,000 employees. It has 10 locations in Erie and Niagara counties, four in Rochester and 15 more in New York State, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

There are a lot of similarities between the two businesses, including the fact that employees where royal blue uniforms. The tunnel is also designed with the color scheme and includes brick work. The main difference is in how automated Royal Car Wash is compared to Delta Sonic, which also operates gas stations and convenience stores in conjunction with each car wash.

Royal Car Wash has touch-screen ordering and doesn’t detail your vehicle. The employees are also not allowed to receive tips. All combined, those factors make for a much less expensive wash, the company says.