Watertown Daily Times

Now here’s a winning combination. While some car washes try to maximize sales by adding something you wouldn’t expect at a car wash, others add just what you’d hope to see. This Watertown, New York business will feature washing bays for your cars and your pups.

The Tiny Bubbles car wash is currently under construction. When it’s finished, it will boast 3,000 square feet of space including three car bays and two dog washing stations with space for two more if demand is high enough. Two of the three car bays will be automatic. One will feature a laser wash and the other will have a brush wash.

The dog wash station will have the standard oatmeal shampoo and a special formula for pooches that have recently encountered a skunk. The Watertown Daily Times spoke with the business owner Anthony Doldo, who said he hasn’t established prices yet. He said it will likely cost a certain amount to run the wash for 10 minutes at a time. The dog wash station will be indoors and open year round.

“The one for small to medium-sized dogs will have a tub, while the one for bigger dogs will have a floor drain,” Doldo said.

Doldo said he named the car wash after his father, who owned The General Store and referred to the business as a one-stop shop. Anthony F. Doldo was nicknamed “Tiny,” hence “Tiny Bubbles.

“I think this is unique because people have different options to wash their cars and dogs, and you can get subs and lunch at the store for the way home,” Doldo said.