Construction continues for the new Willy’s Car Wash. | Daily Mercury

We like to highlight strange combinations of car washes when those businesses decide to pair with restaurants and other services. But one combination that never seems to fail is the dog and car wash. The latest to join on the craze is a family business in Mackay Northern Beaches, an area on the northeast quadrant of Australia.

The Daily Mercury reports that Willy’s Car Wash will have a pet washing station for dogs once it’s finished this fall. The new car wash began construction about a year and a half ago and expects to be up and running in a few more months. The completed car wash will have two automatic car wash bays and four self-serve bays. There will also be four vacuum bays that will be fully covered.

“It’s been in the works for 18 months. Our family has other car washes in the area, out west at Emerald and at Ayr as well,” owner Steven Williams said. “We started construction early last month and it’s on track to be completed in November. We should be washing vehicles in November.”

But the most unique feature is of course the dog wash station. The owners said they also plan to have a small dog run on the property for pups that are waiting to be washed or looking to dry off with a little run around the enclosed area.