Larry McTigue, III, is the manager at Woodbury’s new Paradise Car Wash. The car wash opened in December. | Woodbury Bulletin

A car wash in Woodbury, Minnesota opened in the dead of winter last year and has been thriving since. As we’ve been telling you this month, winter doesn’t have to be a dry spell for car was businesses. In fact, the build-up of salt and grime coupled with threat of rust is reason enough to get your car washed even in the coldest of temperatures.

The Woodbury Bulletin reports that Woodbury Paradise Car Wash Manager Larry McTigue III has found that customers still come to get a wash despite the cold and snow.

“For a lot of people, their vehicle is their second-most valuable possession,” he said. “If you want to maintain your vehicle, you have to be washing it frequently.”

To incentivize them, he offers a range of packages. Customers can get monthly washes or monthly full-service washes with vacuuming and detailing. With either option, customers can also opt for the six-month or 12-month span.

Paradise Car Wash lets customers drop their vehicles off and wait inside a building unit they’re completed. They can watch through big windows as their vehicle is serviced all while enjoying complimentary popcorn and coffee. Some of the services take about 40 minutes to complete, but that’s because McTigue said his employees are focused on providing top-notch service.