whipThe latest mobile car wash company in Detroit was started by a former finance guy. When Nathan Bekerman looked at the car wash industry, he said he saw the potential to correct a few major problems. The three he focused on were inconvenience for customers, poor working conditions and pay for employees and the use of water, according to the Detroit News.

To combat those three things, he came up with WashMyWhip, a company that will send workers to your home or office to get your vehicle cleaned while you go about your day. The company also washes its vehicles using waterless products, and employees can earn commission and choose their schedules. Bekerman charges either $20 or $30 depending on the type of wash. The company will also detail your vehicle top to bottom for $120. Appointments are scheduled through the start-up’s mobile app.

To start the business, Bekerman had to leave his stable job at JP Morgan.

“They thought I was crazy,”he said. “But my years at JPMorgan taught me how to execute and run a business.”

So far, the company has been a hit with locals and there are already plans to expand the company, which began in April of 2016. Bekerman said WashMyWhip has partnered with an Uber company to deliver the services.