methode-times-prod-web-bin-f7b20b86-01b6-11e7-ae09-71f14792998aThe latest Nissan model to get major play online is a fancy little SUV with some bells and whistles for dog lovers. The Nissan X-Trail 4Dog comes with a built-in washing and drying station for Fido. The trunk of the vehicle opens up with enough space to house two dirty dogs after a day of off-roading and the equipment necessary to clean them.

Unfortunately, the SUV is just in the idea phase at the moment, but it seems to be getting a lot of love online from pet owners. The Times reports that the vehicle is designed to include a shower, a pull-out dryer and a TV screen to keep pets (and kids) busy during a commute.There’s even a ramp for your pooches to use to walk right up into the boot of the vehicle.

And even if all the washing features don’t get your pup totally clean, the trunk has a leather upholstery that makes for an easy clean up. Other auto bloggers are reporting that the vehicle also has a soft interior for dogs to snuggle up in on their rides. What everyone seems to agree on is that this “idea” could very easily come to fruition given all the support so far.

Two pull-out drawers are situated under the cargo area floor; one is fitted with a dog grooming kit, replete with brushes and nail clippers, inside. The other holds a unique 360-degree doggy shower which wraps around the animal’s neck so that the human doesn’t get soaked. Finally, a doggy blow-dryer is built in to the 4Dog as an attachment.