Owner Ed Genobaten |  SaipanTribune.com

The newest car wash in the Phillipines is a little steam clean place called AutoSteam. The latest car wash technology arrived on the island earlier this year according to the local paper, the Saipan Tribune.The owner of the new company is a former accountant who left his field after 10 years. He said he’s bringing his business savvy to this new venture he knows, admittedly, much less about.

The steam clean technology works better than the typical hand wash or pressurized wash, which is known to fade or chip paint, the owner said. It’s also more environmentally friendly. AutoSteam is the fifth car wash in Saipan but the first with the improved technology. And he said it came at the perfect time when more vehicles are on the road as the population increases.

The steam technology also works well on the interior of a car and is known to reduce odors. The owner said using steam means you don’t have to use as much water either.The process takes just 30 minutes.

. “You only use one gallon of water for a sedan, unlike in pressurized carwash shops where thousands of gallons are used for the whole day,” owner Ed Genobaten said. “We also don’t use chemicals in cleaning your car—chemicals that may damage the paint of your car and make the color fade faster.”

Have you tried a steam clean car wash? Prices range based on the size of the vehicle. For a typically sedan, customers pay $20. SUV drivers pay $25 and those with large SUVs or trucks pay $30.