A New York car wash forced to pay its employees back wages in one of the largest settlements of its kind has closed just months after learning they owed hundreds of thousands. DNAinfo New York reports that Soft Touch Car Wash was put on the market Spril 19 for a hefty price tag of $13 million. The business closed suddenly last month after the car wash owner learned he owed $1.65 million to his employees. The city could still purchase the property, which now sits empty.

Attorneys representing the wronged employees said their clients were not paid an appropriate wage and were also denied overtime pay. They said the owners lost control of their business. They were ordered to pay what the attorneys are calling “highest ever achieved recovery per worker in the car-washing industry.”

There is some talk that the site could be purchased and incorporated into an ongoing project for a library. Planners of that project have been vague about their intentions but they have not ruled out the possibility.

The good news is, the employees of the car wash have already been paid in full. That means that regardless of when the property is sold and for how much, the purchase price or any delays won’t affect the outcome for them.

“Prior to the sale or the talk of the sale, this case was settled and the workers received 1.65 million. It was life-changing money for these workers,” an attorney for the employees said.