crimeWith so many car washes on busy corners and along main roadways, it’s easy to see why they might become common targets for crime. Maybe thieves target the coin machines, or employees look to steal from customers. Or maybe car washes just happen to be so prevalent that crime unrelated to the business simply takes place there. Either way, we never seem to run out of crime updates. Here’s your dose for the month of November.

Three employees of a Detroit car wash appeared in court recently after they were arrested for selling drugs out of their place of work. The Detroit News reports that the car wash itself has not been investigated as part of the crime. Police got a tip that the employees were working to sell both marijuana and heroin out of the business. All three men have been charged.

A man on a solo mission in Texas was arrested for stealing tools out of a car wash bay. The Houston Chronicle crimelisted that arrest in one of its crime blotters earlier this month.

And one year after authorities say a car wash employee killed a coworker, the suspect is still on the run. Detectives say the suspect shot and killed his coworker at a car wash in Delaware. reports that detectives believe they know who the killer is and that he fled after the crime, which took place in the rear parking lot of the establishment.