The Five Star Auto Wash before the refurbishments. (Image: Google)

The Five Star Auto Wash before the refurbishments. (Image: Google)

Before the upgrades, the car wash that is now Five Star Auto Wash was a run down concrete structure, more aesthetically similar to a Stalinist apartment block than the welcoming shop it is now.

Since new owners bought the company, located in Hermiston, Oregon, they’re betting that $200,000 worth of cosmetic and equipment upgrades will change the face of the business. Since the renovations and grand opening in December, Five Star has seen 5,000 vehicles roll through, and the owners are pleased with the turnout, according to a feature on the business in Hermiston Herald.

“We saw the need for something like this,” Perkins said. “We own the Five Star Auto dealership here in town, and we were looking to beautify this a little bit. Now, it functions correctly, and we feel it adds something to the community.”

Through the renovations of the building, the car wash now features an automatic wash that doesn’t have any physical scrub brushes or mats that will scratch cars or rip off antennas. Rather, the machine uses chemical properties of water, pressure and different types of soap and waxes to get the vehicles clean and looking their best.

Perkins said the automatic car wash competes with other standard car wash systems that use brushes and other cleaning materials to provide a seamless wash that won’t cause damage to the vehicle.

“That is one of the things that we wanted to get away from,” he said of physical scrubbing devices. “That is probably the biggest complaint we saw with other car washes — that it can damage the vehicles. That is why we went this route.”

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