Most business owners have heard about the importance of personalizing customer interaction. It may have started with the Millennials, but now the movement toward personalization and customization has become an important component of business. This is partly due to advances in technology.

Fortunately for you there are small but powerful ways to create a personalized customer experience.

Customer relationships are extremely important. You would be surprised at the willingness of customers to give basic information to receive a better experience. By offering a small deal you can gather essential information to start a dialogue with your customers. We will have free forms to do this on our website very soon.

Engage customers through email marketing. Establish communications with your customers with personalized and relevant emails. Find out your customer’s name and birthday and send them a birthday offering of some sort. Wolford Communications is now offering personalized email marketing solutions designed to earn you more money than you pay for it. We offer an e-coupon-based referral program that will attract new clients. We are always listening to our clients to see what works. Trying creative ideas and modifying them is the best way to start email marketing.

Call your most loyal customers. Giving back to customers who are loyal to you is a great way to retain them. Giving them a call or talking to them in person is the best way to thank them. Simply saying thank you or getting them a small gift, like an air freshener is a good way to reward them.

Ask Customers to give you feedback and reward them for it. Surbveying is important. It provides insight and at the same time shows the customer that their opinion matters. They will give you feedback without being rewarded, but if you offer them some small incentive it will go a long way toward making the customer feel special. If you sign up with Wolford Communications Email Marketing Program you can now send text messages with links to surveys.

These things may seem small, but the smallest gestures can mean a lot to your clients. In today’s world it is increasingly important to show your customers that they matter. Personalizing their experience is crucial to doing that.