quacksPlans for a car wash and convenience store in Modesto, California have been put on hold while officials with the city look at the plans. The Modesto Bee reports that plans for the three-in-one business would have also included a gas station. According to the paper, commissioners are looking to see whether the business would meet the codes set in place for land use in that area, specifically in a business park there.

The owner of the site, Vivtesh Gill, said that there would have been two buildings on the site. The 8,000-square-foot property would have been for commercial stores. The 4,000-square -foot building would have held offices and maybe even a sit-down restaurant in the future.

But rather than passing the commissioner’s test with flying colors, a  husband and wife together drew up a proposal to see the project halted. The couple was not alone. A representative from a nearby group of local property owners also had concerns about developing their owner property should the commercial structure be approved.

The  city is hoping that its commissioners can reach some kind of a  decision on the matter of a business in the business park. A city report, however, claims that a business park is “intended to accommodate the development o modern employment-intensive office and non-nuisance light industrial uses.”

 But not all is lost with this proposal as one official points out. “Modesto has a pattern of changing its zoning,” said Commissioner Sandy Lucas, meaning the commission could vote against its own regulations and rules.