We’ve told you before about Risingrisingtide Tide Car Wash in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. It’s a company known for employing those with Autism and providing work force opportunities and job training. Now the Sun-Sentinel is reporting that the company is opening a second location to employ even more workers who might not otherwise be able to earn a paycheck.

We first got wind of the second location back in March when The Real Deal reported that another business would open in 2017. At the time the owners estimated they would be able to bring 50 new jobs. The Sun-Sentinel is clarifying those numbers saying there will be 60 jobs total and 50 of them will be for employees with Autism.

The Parkland, Florida business will open its second location in Margate, Florida. The mayor of Parkland, Michael Udine, told the Sun-Sentinel that locals love the concept of a business that looks to employ those with disabilities.

“The community is so taken and enamored with that business,” Udine said. “People stop me on the street and ask me about it.”

Rising Ride Car Wash pays new hires $8.05 an hour. Employees can earn tips and more money through various promotions at the shop. The employees with Autism said they’ve learned how to keep a job, show up to work on time and interact with customers. Many told the Sun-Sentinel they might not have a job if it weren’t for the car wash.

We’ve written in the past about car wash businesses that aim to employ those with special needs, specifically Autism. There’s a car wash in Arizona that employs those with a range of disabilities. There’s another one we’ve written about in Singapore, too.