If you are not yet selling a prepaid package, you might want to consider doing so. There are many benefits in selling prepaid packages and they are very easy to start. All you need is a good offer, a little creativity, a few peal-a-deal cards and you are good to go.

woman-1169324_1920What is a Prepaid Package

It is simple when a customer comes to your carwash, you give them an amazing upsell deal with a prepaid plan. You have already spent a lot of money on advertising to get them to your business. Save on additional advertising fees by selling them a prepaid package and ensure they will come back.

If for example, it costs you $5 in advertising to sell a $10 car wash, sell a package of 12 car washes for $90. On your peal-a-deal card, they get a carwash every month. This keeps them coming back to visit your business without the need to spend additional advertising dollars. This also gets money into your business quickly and upfront.

Long Term Benefits

Offering a prepaid service not only gets money into your pocket up front, it saves money in the long term. If we take our above offer, for example, we will actually pocket an extra $30 while giving your customer $30 in savings. Granted this is based around an offer that assumes your advertising costs are 50% of your basic wash price. Depending on your business, you will need to make the numbers work.

In addition to saving both you and your customer money, you are creating a pattern with your customer. Now your customer knows that at least once a month they need to visit your carwash to get the most value out of the prepaid package. Long after the package has expired, the customer will have a relationship with you and most likely continue to visit your location.

Peel-a-deal Service

Peeladeal.com is a company that specializes in credit card sized offers. They can design a card for you, or you can view one of their easy to use templates and design your own. Customers keep the card in their wallet, and when it is time to cash in, you simply peel the offer from the card and discard it.

For more tips and ideas on prepaid packages or other carwash marketing ideas, contact Wolford Communications. They can put a complete carwash marketing campaign together for you.