carwashHere’s two more examples of how a break in bad winter weather can mean an increase in business for the car wash industry.

WOWT in Omaha, Nebraska reports that a car wash business there had a steady deluge of customers when the sun peaked out on Friday. Car wash owners there called the busy day “Black Friday.”

“This is Black Friday, every day it’s full tilt,” said employee John Hofmeister. “Everything is a million miles an hour, but everything is fully organized. We have people in the right places, we communicate real well with customers and we’re well trained.”

And WNEP in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania reports the same. Cars lined up recently to get rid of salt build-up from snowy roadways.

So why not take advantage of the opportunity to market your business? Start with promotions now to remind regular patrons and new customers to take care of their vehicles when Mother Nature throws a mild day your way. Advertise when the roads are salty and icy and see how many people show up at the first hint of warmer days.

The Car Wash Business Blog suggests the following to get customers at your establishment as soon as the weather breaks:

  • Fun signage
  • Social media promotions
  • Coupons for car washes when the temperature hits a certain degree
  • Complimentary refreshments for that first warmer day
  • A free wash for the first 10 customers