vetswashIt’s not too late to capitalize on the long holiday weekend. Car washes across the country have been known to offer special deals on the Fourth of July. It’s also a popular day to host fundraising events and give back to the community. And many of the ideas have a patriotic bent, to boot. Here’s a round-up of some ways you can draw a crowd.

Throw a barbecue A car wash in Festus, Missouri will do just that on July 9, a few days after their city holds a parade. The annual parade benefits a residential car facility and the barbecue prolongs the event into a week of activity for the center. Offer food for a small fee or donation and watch how people spread the word for you.

Offer a freebie Everybody likes a kick-back. Why not offer free car washes between certain hours on July 4? Or make up a promotion where anyone who stops by for a wash that day will get a free one at a future date?

Host a car wash fundraiser Sometimes people go out of town for the holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t host a fundraiser. You could lend your space to a group of Boy Scouts or else have a fundraiser of your own. Donate a portion of your July 4 proceeds to a cause you’re fond of and watch your community support grow.

Recognize veterans It’s a good day to remind Americans why it is we’re able to celebrate patriotic holidays in the first place. It’s not not just about fireworks and parades. Give a free wash to veterans on July 4 like these guys did last year.