ct-tl-ct-lfr-carwash-tl-0316-jpg-20170309The planners behind a proposed car wash in a Chicago suburb were questioned for three hours at a recent meeting before ultimately receiving tentative approval to proceed. By the end, they had received a vote of 5-2 which allows them to continue through the process of approval. Residents and city officials were concerned about noise, water runoff and traffic with the car wash and gas station combo, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Commissioners spent almost three hours at the meeting questioning Waterway representatives and their consultants about potential noise, light and traffic congestion impacts to the adjacent residents, as well as drainage and hours of operation.

City officials said they want to know more about how the business plans to direct traffic around the site to avoid congestion. They also suggested increasing the height of the fence planned for around the property to help combat noise drifting toward nearby homes and businesses. There’s also a church across the street that city officials were especially concerned about when discussing noise.

The property is L-shaped and would have two driveways leading out to the roads. The car wash would operate from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. while the gas station would stay open until 10 p.m. each night. Officials were also worried that drivers would begin cutting through the lot to access other roads and that the practices could lead to more crashes and injuries. In the meantime, the vision and the plan are still alive and will come back for further consideration.