autobytelWinter is the season that doles out the harshest treatment to vehicles. But the sun can also damage a car’s paint job, even when snow and rust aren’t threatening drivers. Here’s a few ways you can offer your customers a service in the summer that they might not know they need.

Do your homework┬áDid you know that the sun’s rays can damage paint with UV rays? That combined with bird droppings and summer bugs, as Gerber Collision points out, can spell bad news even when the days are warm and the nights are long. But Gerber Collision says washing vehicles by hand, drying them with rags and then applying a wax can help. The interior can face damage too when temps get too high. Leather interiors will benefit from protective conditioners and fabric seats can avoid fading when using seat covers.

Introduce the concept to customers Use social media to talk about what type of damage to look out for. Post signage at the wash talking about what kinds of services you offer to counteract summer damage. Encourage your employees to talk to customers about the promotions at the beginning or end of an interaction.

Get them to buy Start by offering a free service when customers pay for a car wash. Maybe offer a free application of leather conditioning or a discount on a free wax. Let them warm up to the idea that they could benefit from a treatment if it’s not something they came in to buy.