rocketwashA new car wash planned for Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin will cost $8 million by the time it’s completed. With such hefty price tag, the new Rocket Wash does not disappoint when it comes to bells and whistles. The Journal Times reports that the new facility will incorporate a massive conveyor belt inside the 140-foot-long building that can take three cars at once, depending on what kind of wash they’re receiving. There will be 21 vacuum stations and two stalls for cleaning car mats, plus 19 blowers to dry the vehicles.

But one of the neatest features is the small sticker that will cling to the windshield of a driver’s car if they opt to be in the Unlimited Club. The sticker is actually a radio frequency tag just two inches tall and two inches wide. Customers can drive straight into the bay and a computer will detect their sticker to determine which wash club they’re a part of. There’s the basic program for $20 a month and the upgraded version for $30. In either program, the driver can come through the wash as often as he or she likes.

Owner Michael Willkomm told the Journal Times only three other car washes in the state will use the same technology as his new Rocket Wash. Construction on the facility, which will feature glass walls and a translucent roof, will last the next few months.

The technology, from a company in Holland City, Mich., is not a conveyor belt wash that requires one’s tires to line up exactly into two tracks, Mike said. Instead, the driver will simply drive onto a large conveyor belt that doesn’t require exact alignment into tracks.

Willkomm said while prices for the frequent buyer programs have been established, he has yet to determine the cost of an individual wash. once he decides, however, he promised they would be competitive with local businesses.