imgid27404947Residents living near a noisy car wash in Wolverhampton, England say they want the business gone. The local paper Express & Star reports that the business is operating despite not having permission from the local planning board to do so. The owners of the proposed business were turned down once in May and again at the end of January, just last month.

Despite the rejections, the residents said the car wash continues to operate. A car wash employee told the paper that the owners plan to appeal the decisions and so they’re operating in the meantime. That doesn’t quite cut it for residents, who say that not only is the car wash a nuisance for their neighborhood, it’s also a dangerous traffic problem. Those interviewed by the paper said that it’s difficult given the business is on a main road.

“I don’t think it should be here,” resident Irene Hayes said. “Not only has it not got planning permission but it has also been refused planning permission. Who wants to live opposite a car wash?”

Protestors of the car wash gathered to voice their concerns. They also said that when the car wash advertises, it blocks part of the roadway and sidewalks with signage, making it difficult to walk or navigate. No word yet on the next step for the business.