Ryko Solutions, the major car wash equipment vendor, has acquired National Carwash Solutions. On Monday, Professional Carwashing & Detailing published an exclusive interview with Ryko CEO Steve L’Heureux.

Ryko recently listed both PC&D — found at carwash.com — and The Car Wash Business Blog as one of the Three Awesome Car Wash Blogs You Should Also Read. “The blog aims to offer the most reliable information about the car wash business,” they wrote. “It is updated almost every day and gives readers a wide variety of topics to digest.” Why, thank you.

Here’s an excerpt from the PC&D’s interview, but click here to read the whole thing:

Most importantly, the great customer service you’ve come to expect from NCS will continue. Both companies share a common focus on customer service and that will be retained. The combined companies will have greater resources and a deeper talent pool from which to deliver a broader and richer set of services and products that will translate into a competitive advantage for our customers in the marketplace.