A car wash business in Sacramento, Calif., has made the best of a bad situation and found its way onto the local news station, KXTV-10. “The car wash is not the first place you would think of when someone says the words ‘water efficient,'” the station writes. “Most newer car washes are often efficient with how they use their water.”

To most of our readers, that’s common knowledge. But most consumers probably had any idea. While the west coast is being slammed with one of the worst drought emergencies in years, there may be increasing hostility toward an industry perceived as wasting water. But in fact, as we’ve reported, car washes are more efficient than other industries, including restaurants, and they’re way better than washing your car at home. Plus, shutting down a car wash just costs people jobs. Nobody wins.

There are marketing strategies to get the word out and ways for you, as a car wash business owner, to do your part in the community to cut back (restricting your hours is one last-ditch way). Orbit Wash owner Lane Leach in Sacramento is doing it exactly right. He told the station that with his water reclamation technology he can wash a car using three gallons of water or less per minute. It’s the perfect kind of story for the local news: it’s timely, it’s somewhat surprising and it’s a topic that many consumers will be concerned about.

“We have a reclaimed system here at the wash, and we’re in the 85 to 90-percent level as far as the water we can reuse,” Leach told the station. Car wash businesses on the West Coast should consider reaching out to their local news stations or newspapers with a press release about the ways they’re responding proactively to the drought.