Puget Car Wash

(Puget Sound Carwashing Association)

It’s Car Wash Awareness Month in Seattle where Puget Sound Carwashing Association is promoting safe car wash practices throughout the Seattle area.

To raise awareness, the association will be selling tickets for car washes to certain nonprofit groups. The nonprofits can then turn around and sell the tickets to the public.

The month aims to promote professional car washing over the do-it-yourself method. Puget Sound Carwashing Association says that when a car is washed in a driveway, dirty water including all the soap and chemicals used to clean a vehicle runs off the pavement and into city sewers, leading to contamination.

But when you have your car washed professionally, those companies dispose of dirty water in a sanitary way that does not harm the environment.

According to the association, cars contribute to a total of more than 1.4 million pounds of solid waste in waterways each year. That’s a result of more than 9,000 gallons of gasoline, diesel and motor oil; 2,900 pounds of ammonia and 19,000 pounds of phosphorous and nitrogen.

For more, read the group’s release.