VILLA PARK, Ill., A few days ago onJune 26, 2017 DRB Systems issued its 7 Millionth FastPass® tag to a Chicagoland Wash U Carwash guest, Dick Portillo.

“Wash U Carwash is proud to be on the cutting edge of environmental sustainability in the industry, utilizing less fresh water, superior reclamation and significantly reduced energy amounts while providing an awesome clean for our customers,” said Michael Timmer, Wash Operations, Wash U Carwash.

Timmer went on to say, “With Wash U’s dual belt technology, our clean and bright facilities can handle a wider variety of vehicles, including dually pickup trucks, in a stress-free loading environment which vastly improves the customer car wash experience. Wash U Carwash is thrilled to be partnered with DRB Systems in the use of technology to improve efficiencies and the overall value proposition for today’s time-challenged consumer.”

DRB Systems M Timmer and D Portillo

Michael Timmer and Dick Portillo (the 7 millionth FastPass Tag recipient) Image Courtesy: DRB Systems

What is Wash U?

Wash-U is a new environmentally sustainable technology that uses much less water and energy than a traditional carwash. While it uses 80% less water and power it still provides a high-quality user experience. Currently, there are two locations. One in Plainfield, Illinois and the other in Villa Park, Illinois. Monthly passes start at about $15 and go up from there.

What is DRB Systems?

According to their website, “DRB Systems is a business solutions company that provides technology and marketing support to enhance the consumer’s experience and the operational efficiency of a car wash.  Unlike equipment-only point-of-sale companies, DRB Systems provides the business ”know-how” to transform most car washes into profitable, thriving businesses.”

What is the FastPass® Tag System

FastPass® is an RFID customer identification system that is placed in the lower left-hand side of a car’s windshield. When a customer pulls up to a carwash, the FastPass is detected and the car is allowed access into the wash. This small unobtrusive 3/4″ X 4″ tag allows for quick transactions through a tunnel car wash system.

According to their website, “FastPass is designed to provide fast car wash service to your wash pass customers. Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and the Xpress Pay Terminal® (XPT), FastPass wirelessly approves your monthly pass customer to allow the vehicle through the gate and into the tunnel.”