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Often, small businesses undertake grand marketing efforts on social media because they believe they should, but they don’t always devise a plan beforehand. Identifying the right social media platform on which to promote your brand can help you reach your intended audience. How do you decide where to focus your efforts?

Asking yourself just two questions will help you decide:

  1. Who am I trying to reach? The internet is full of people, but they aren’t all potential customers. Certain social media platforms can help you target very specific groups or even individuals. For example, on Twitter, you can search for keywords like “car is dirty” and find everyone who’s talking about their dirty car. On Facebook, you can narrow your target by group and engage with desired audiences of passionate car owners, for example.
  2. What am I trying to say? The type of message you want to deliver may determine which social media you should use. For example, if you want to tell people about a sale you’re running, Facebook or Twitter may be your best bet. If you’re trying to create brand awareness, deploying an Instagram campaign may be useful. If you want to disseminate car care tips, Pinterest and YouTube may be your best bet.

Whatever platform you choose, it’s vital to give them something useful. Also, you should give them something they can click. A tweet without a link to your blog, a promotions page, or even just your website is like a dull knife.