Solar PanelsA car wash and laundromat business owner knows his customers enough to know they’ll find somewhere else to wash their clothes and cars if he raises rates. So John and Ruth Kistler, owners of the Frogtown Laundromat in rural Ohio, decided to get creative.

According to The Daily & Sunday Jeffersonian, the Kistlers have installed solar panels on the roof of their facility. They anticipate saving 60 percent on their electric bill, savings that will allow them to keep prices steady. Eventually, they hope to install more and become completely energy independent.

“It’s a capital investment but I figure it’ll pay off,” John Kistler told the newspaper. “This is a ‘hard dollar town’ and I don’t want to raise rates.”

It’s possible they will even be able to sell energy to the electric company. They’ve taken other steps, like using water from the property’s well, to go completely off the grid and self-sustaining.

“It has taken a lot of dedication to make these improvements,” John said.

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