surf-thru-car-wash-logo-glowA solar-powered car wash has opened in Oroville, California. The local paper highlighted its many new features, calling it “not your mother’s car wash.” The company posted job listings online a few days ago, looking for employees who would scrub vehicles before they entered the tunnel.

The car wash is getting the most attention for being powered by sun rays, but the company also promotes two other environmentally friendly initiatives on its website: preventing water pollution and conserving water. The sites says that a typical load of laundry uses 45 gallons of water but that a single vehicle only uses 40 gallons at Surf Thru Express Car Wash. In addition, all of that water that is used is either reused right on site or cleaned before being sent back into the world.



Drivers can get in for a single car wash, or buy a membership. Members can choose between five washes a month up to an unlimited amount. Members get a sticker to place on their cars emitting a radio frequency that immediately raises the opening gate and lets the car in rather than punching in codes or numbers.

In addition to the membership programs, the company also offers a mobile coupon texting club and a giveaway daily for products such as trash bags and wipes for your dashboard. If you’re working with a fleet of vehicles, Surf Thru offers discounts and programs for that too, as well as for nonprofits using fleets.