4457a2543ccc49cda68f1663d517ccd7It’s not too late to sign up for this year’s Southwest Car Wash Expo in Arlington, Texas. Organizers of the annual event say this year’s is expected to be the largest yet with about 300 vendors in attendance. It all kicks off Sunday, Feb. 26 and goes through Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Last year’s guest speak was a notable one. Captain Richard Phillips, who was played in his namesake blockbuster by actor Tom Hanks, spoke to attendees at last year’s event. This year’s speaker is another well known figure in media. John Stossel is an award-winning television journalist with 19 Emmys under his belt. He was the former host of the popular show 20/20. His keynote address will focus on the benefits and workings of a free market and how that can affect your car wash business.

The weekend event will feature more than 300 vendors who will present their products at the Sheraton Hotel, where the event is taking place. New this year is a series of “Quick Talk” programs, break away sessions you can pick and choose from centered around various topics including everything from detailing to customer service. The sessions promise to provide three tangible takeaways you can immediately implement in your own business.

While online registration for the event is closed, you can still register the day of the event, according to the group’s site.