Spring has sprung and like all other seasons, it has also created a unique demand for the local car wash. In the winter, frequent washes can help prevent damage from salt laid on roads and in the summer, patrons are more likely to venture out for a clean up. In the spring, it turns out, lots of pollen in the air spells major business for those who specialize in cleaning cars.

We’ve seen the news of pollen driving sales across the country this week, beginning in Albany, Georgia. A television station there reports that the increase in yellow dust on hoods and windshields has led to a few dozen customers a day looking to rid their rides of the stuff. One man told the station he makes it a point during the spring to get his vehicle washed weekly.

And in Dallas, Texas, allergies are also accompanying the increased demand for car washing services. The Dallas News reports that a lack of rain recently has helped the pollen to stick around longer. Without a regular sprinkling of water, the yellow dust seems to cling on surfaces for the long haul.

Finally, the increase in cash flow is being felt in North Carolina where seasonal pollen is also a problem for motorists, but a blessing for business owners. Spectrum News reports that customers are eager to clean their vehicles to increase visibility while driving.

Have you been able to capitalize on the influx of pollen this spring?