Queens and Kings Car Wash

A car wash business in North St. Louis, Missouri, is doing more than just washing cars. It’s using the company for social good by making a point to hire and shape young people from the economically hard-hit area.

According to KMOV.com, Queens and Kings Car Wash has been focused on creating a positive space for young employees since 2005.

Owner Paula Johnson calls her business a “Safe Haven” at the edge of Fairground Park and area plagued with poverty and violence.

“I took over in 2005 and I’ve been here ever since, looking out for the community I guess, getting them jobs and doing the best I can,” said Johnson.

Since taking over the business from her ex-husband, Jones says she decided to give it a purpose which is employing young people in the community.

“I want them to use this as a stepping stone for their next life, to go on and do something else,” said Johnson.

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