autosteamA new car wash recently opened in Chalan Laulau, a sub village of a US commonwealth island in the Pacific Ocean. The island is called Saipan and it has a population of just 48,000. Mariana’s Variety, a publication that overs all of the Mariana Islands, of which Saipan is the largest, reports that the new eco-friendly wash opened this past month.

The owner of the wash said that it will only take one gallon of water for his technology to clean the interior and exterior of a vehicle. That’s not only an environmentally friendly option given how much water the average driver uses to wash his own vehicle in the driveway. It’s also remarkable given that the steam-cleaning technology is safe for electronic equipment found inside a car and the delicate paint on the body. The president of the company also said the steam cleaning technology can remove foul odors.

“Steam cleans more than traditional car washing,” said Auto Steam president Edgar Genobaten. “An advantage with steam car washing is that besides being chemical-free, it sanitizes the inside and the outside of your vehicle. It can sanitize and eliminate 100 percent of the odor and bacteria.”

The company has outlined its prices as follows: Sedans and small cars, $20; minivans, $30; two-door pick-ups, $25; four-door pick-ups, $30; SUV 5-seaters, $25; and SUV 7-seaters, $30.

They’re open each day of the week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. They also take appointments after regular business hours. So the next time you’re on the island, check out the steam clean technology.