soapywindshieldThere is a Canadian province in which stripping in bars where alcohol is served was at one point illegal. And so once a year strippers were allowed to strip in places where liquor is served under the guise of charity.

Now government leaders in the Saskatoon province are looking to reverse a decision that once made the practice legal, going back to the days when stripping and booze were not allowed to mix. It is with this fear in mind that a Canadian strip club plans to hold a fundraiser for breast cancer while protesting the laws that prevent year round practice of their trade.

“It’s kind of a boobs-for-boobs thing. We thought it would fit in nicely,” said Emily Kempin, owner of the Pink Champagne Girls.

CBC News is reporting that the club used to get business from bars that wanted to host strippers but that that business has declined as owners increasingly fear penalties for breaking the law.
The car wash will serve as a way to raise awareness for both cancer and the plight these business owners say they’re facing.