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Students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina have started a car wash company they’re calling the Uber of its industry. The on-demand service will allow clients to request a car wash from their mobile phones. Shortly after, an employee is sent to the client’s location for a wash on site.

The washer takes a picture of the car before and after and sends it to the client. The entire process can take place without the client even being on site and without having to drive anywhere. WNCN.com reports that the service can even expand to include things other than vehicles.

Two students at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill said they got the idea while studying abroad in London. Their car wash is also waterless so they use a spray that can be removed with a microfiber towel anywhere the vehicle is parked. Waterless Buddys is new, but it’s already looking to expand.

Like Uber, the company wants to hire on other car washers who can operate on their own like a franchise. For $25, you can buy into the company. You’ll receive a Waterless Buddys shirt, spray bottle and microfiber towel. With no overhead, you can start working right away.

“We’ve done a car that went all the way from New York to North Carolina during a snow storm, so it had the snow, the salt, the grit, everything and it took a little elbow grease and some time but we were able to handle it so we haven’t come across anything we haven’t been able to wash yet,” student Randy Short said.