Summer is here, and it is time to get your summer carwash marketing ideas into full swing. There are a few obvious holidays you can celebrate such as July 4th and Labor Day. However, everyone else is doing those as well. To stand out, you need to think differently.

watermelon-summer-little-girl-eating-watermelon-foodHot Summer Carwash Deal!

While not everyone if a fan of the summer heat, you can cash in on a heat wave with this idea. If you have set up a social media, E-mail, or SMS campaign, you can alert customers that you will give them $1 off for every degree the temperature goes over 100 degrees. If it does not get that hot in your area, make it 90 or 95 degrees. Send the offer out to your network of customers and make the most of the hot weather.

Invite an Icecream Truck

Partnering up with a local food truck is a great way to create synergy with other local businesses. In the summer get the kids begging their parents to stop into your location for an ice cream. Contact a local ice cream truck and invite them to park on your lot. The unmistakable sound will be sure to draw in customers looking to beat the heat. Additionally, many food vendors have their own social networks they reach out to daily. Having a new vendor at your location can bring in customers who were previously unaware of your existence.

Help out Local Farmers

Everyone loves fresh watermelon and other summer fruits and veggies. Head over to your local farmers market and invite a local farmer to park on your lot and sell their fresh produce. People looking for a farm fresh watermelons or tomatoes will stop in on their way to their summer BBQ. Maybe they get a car wash, or maybe they don’t, but you are now on their radar for the next time they need a wash.

Get Creative

Your imagination is the limit with summer carwash marketing ideas. Keep your ideas fun and family friendly. Help out your community and make 2017 your best summer ever. Do you need some help putting a marketing campaign together? Give Wolford Communications a call. They are your one stop car wash marketing specialist.