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Make It A Squeaky Clean Christmas With Holiday Deals

It's the season of giving and with just days before Christmas, you're bound to see a lot of last-minute gift givers wandering aimlessly throughout department stores looking for just the right present. Why not help them out? Here's our list of holiday gifts and deals you can offer to customers this time of year. Coupon books Kind of like the ones your kids put together for you offering "free hugs" and "breakfast in bed," only with a bit more of a bargain packed in. Try printing out bundles of five to 10 coupons for simple options like "20 percent off any wash" and "Free wax when you buy two washes." Give the packs away for free and tell customers to use them as stocking stuffers. Sell the good books Like a coupon book, car wash gift booklets are simple to print or have printed and to sell to regular customers and new customers alike. Make up booklets for monetary value or for certain services. Offer them at a discount to customers who are also stopping by for their own wash, or offer to sell three $10 booklets for just $25. Track your success Number your coupons and gift cards or keep track of the amount given away or sold. When customers come in to redeem them, try to record when they were used and for which services. At the end of the year, tally the results to see which coupons did best and which you never saw again. If you do it right, you could also get a sense of when people are most likely to grab their coupon books and gift cards and head to the wash.