1450846_1636039266623333_3755332948944998615_nHarry Michel was a teacher when he conceived of the idea for a mobile car wash in Pennsylvania. He was helping to organize a school fundraiser but the hassle of using buckets and hoses, plus staying in a fixed location and hoping customers found you, got him thinking. Wasn’t there an easier way?

That’s how his company WashLB was born. It’s the first mobile car wash provider in the Philadelphia area to use water instead of waterless chemicals. The company’s creators, Michel and his partner Kelly Ireland, maintain that their service is still eco-friendly. Montgomery News reports that prices for services range from $15 to $55.

For now, it’s based in an area called Center City at a train station where workers are parked for at least four hours a day while at their jobs. The location means that they can head to work but then schedule a wash to take place right there in the parking lot. When they get back to their vehicles at the end of a shift, the car is sparkling clean.

“We were the first to establish a footprint in key markets, including luxury apartments/ condos and mass transit [SEPTA],” Ireland said. “We are also pursuing a number of other relationships with key Philadelphia players, including businesses and schools, to make our service accessible to as many customers in the most convenient environments possible.”

For more on the business, visit the company’s website.