Stop Wash & Roll is the first car wash of its kind in Tennessee. | The OakRidger

A new car wash in Tennessee will be the first and only kind in the entire state, thanks to a patent that prevents the tunnel automatic wash from being built in certain places. Stop Wash & Roll in Spring Hill, Tennessee features a design seen at 738 other locations across the country, according to the OakRidger. The patented design is called the Totally Tommy Tunnel and its futuristic design draws customers in.

At 120 feet long, the automatic tunnel is a sight to behold. Its innards are visible from the outside thanks to acrylic walls that offer a modern feel. Instead of a dark tunnel, enclosed in regular walls, the Totally Tommy Tunnel design allows for light and incorporates stainless steal and bright neon coloring for a clean look.

But the tunnel isn’t just aesthetically pleasing. Owner James Whitlock said it’s also designed to offer a better clean because more time is spent in the tunnel get a nice, thorough wash.

“Because of the longer tunnel, we can put more cloth on your car, so we have a chance to clean your car better,” Whitlock said. “I mean, there’s no magic in car washes; there’s clean and not clean. With the longer tunnels, the more cloth, the more car you can wash. And with all of the different colors on the arches, it looks like a carnival ride.”

Capitalizing on the cold weather these days, Whitlock was also quick to point out that the tunnel is completed enclosed and heated. The wear is also heated before being sprayed on the vehicle allowing for de-icing services.