The Camel Express Car Wash in East Nashville is matching each sale of this T-shirt with a clothing donation to a local homeless shelter. (Photo: courtesy)

A car wash business in Tennessee — which hasn’t even opened yet — is already making a big public relations splash. First it hosted a design contest to develop its logo. Now, The Camel Express Car Wash is selling vintage-style T-shirts and matching each sale with a clothing donation to a homeless individual in the community.

“There is an increasing number of homeless individuals across the nation and Nashville is no exception,” owner Read Hauck said in a news release. Ten years ago, before moving to East Nashville to start The Camel Express Car Wash, which is due to open on Jan. 1, Hauck worked and lived in a California homeless shelter for one year. “I learned more about the homeless community in that one year than I could have in a lifetime of weekend service,” Hauck said. “The most important lesson that was taken from the experience was that all of us are just a couple of bad decisions from being in the same spot.”

The shirts are on sale at this website for $23. Donations will go to an organization called The Contributor, a nonprofit and street newspaper on homeless issues.

The Camel Express facility as planned would be the longest car wash tunnel in the world, at 130 feet. “With a 130-foot express tunnel, they will offer the latest car wash technology throughout the tunnel to provide customers with the cleanest car possible in the shortest amount of time. There will also be an area for free unlimited vacuum use at one of 20 vacuum/inspection stations,” the company says.