More people are setting up business on streets and in parking lots as municipalities take notice. (Flickr)

A story about a mobile car wash business in India was the biggest story of the year. Go figure. (Flickr)

Can you believe it’s been nearly one year since the car wash business blog published its first story? It seems like we’ve been doing this forever. But actually, we posted our first article on Jan. 17 about Lustra and its plans to distribute marketing advice for car wash businesses (a quick search reveals they may never have actually ended up doing that).

Since then, we’ve published more than 220 articles showcasing the most interesting, important and useful car wash industry news and marketing tips. It’s been a great year for the blog, and our readership continues to rise, thanks to our loyal followers.

As we look back on the year behind and plan for the year ahead, we’ve pulled out a list of the 10 most-read stories of 2014. Tomorrow we’ll post our top 10 personal favorites of the year. Here goes, in ascending order:

10. Diet Coke Goes To The Car Wash In New TV Ad [VIDEO] 

9. Ways To Make Your Marketing Stand Out In A Crowd

8. Sacramento Car Wash Makes The Best Of A Drought

7. Ohio’s Flying Ace Car Wash In Dead Heat For ‘World’s Longest’ With Nashville Proposal

6. 10 Movie Car Wash Scenes: From Cool Hand Luke To Charlie’s Angels

5. Credit Card Fraud: How Street Gangs Hacked Point-of-Sale Systems At Car Wash Businesses Around The Country4

4. ICA Chief Blown Away By Monstrous Mr. Car Wash In Germany [VIDEO]

3. 5 Marketing Tips For Car Wash Businesses During A Drought

2. 7 Best Marketing Tips For Car Wash Businesses

1. Mobile Car Wash Idea Gets International Validation From Ernst And Young