What happens when you leave the water running overnight in Scranton, Pa. (Photo: Screenshot/LiveLeak)

What happens when you leave the water running overnight in Scranton, Pa. (Photo: Screenshot/LiveLeak)

Our blog has only been around for a little over half a year now, but already some stories have risen to the top of our popularity rankings. Here they are in list form!

10. The Car Wash Show 2014 was the biggest car wash related event of the year. The Trade Show News Network named it one of the fastest-growing trade shows in America. Our coverage got a lot of attention during its three days in Chicago.

9. An executive at the big Charlotte-based Autobell Car Wash said the car wash industry is the strongest its been in a decade, partly because of “the advent of the information age.” (Like The Car Wash Business Blog?)

8. Sandwiches and car wash businesses have more in common than you’d think. Our story about the chief marketing officer at Subway offered “fresh” marketing ideas from a different retail sector.

7. Clean cars make people happy, according to science. “Our cars are very personal spaces,” said the author of a study associating car washing with joy.

6. Rising Tide Car Wash in South Florida splashed onto the international scene with its mission of raising awareness of autism and giving people with autism the satisfaction of employment — including the owner’s son. “They bring to the table this work ethic and attitude that really lifts the entire spirit of the crew,” owner John D’Eri said.

5. Why a hand-written thank you letter might be the simplest and best marketing strategy for any business.

4. This news roundup earned a ton of interest, probably because of the crazy picture. Somebody at a car wash in Scranton, Pennsylvania, left the hose running all night in a car wash bay in March. No idea how they cleaned that up.

3. Coupon books, direct mailings and loyalty programs are your best friends in car wash marketing. Lots of people liked our top seven list of the best marketing ideas.

2. Nobody saw this one coming: street gangs hacking point-of-sale systems, stealing the credit card information of car wash customers and laundering their cash onto dollar store gift cards. This is the crazy story of how some got burned and how you can avoid it.

1. Far and away the most popular story of 2014 so far has been the drought in California. We’ve told you the best PR tips for car washes when water is tight and how others have already done so.

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