(Image: LiveLeak)

(Image: LiveLeak)

Pack up, folks, and go home. Even if you think you’ve got a quik wash, speedy wash or minute wash, you’ve still never seen a car wash this fast. An elderly man hit the gas when he meant to hit the brakes and ended up cruising through the automatic wash tunnel at about 40 mph. The only thing that stopped him was a vacuum cleaning station on the other side.

“That’s a whole new level of Quick Quack,” Mitch Shiveley, the manager of Quick Quack Car Wash in Sacramento, told the local TV station.

No one was injured, but the accident did cause about $100,000 in damage. The 94-year-old driver, probably terribly embarrassed, declined medical treatment and walked away on his own (like a champ).

“Stuff can be fixed. There is insurance for stuff like that, people are the most important thing,” Shiveley said.

Watch the video below: