bubble-car-wash-010a*480xx7360-4140-0-386.jpgGet ready for another record breaking business. The owners of  a Texas chain that primarily deals with convenience stores has big plans for the longest car wash tunnel at one of its locations. Buc-ee’s is opening its latest location in Katy, Texas this fall and said that the accompanying car wash will be the longest tunnel yet at a whopping 255 feet.

BizJournals.com reports that the project will be a big one in general with 120 gas pumps and a convenience store sitting in at about 56,000 square feet. Originally slated to open this spring, the project is so mammoth it had to be delayed. Officially opening is now estimated for the fall.

“This location has some unique design elements that are not seen at Buc-ee’s other stores,” Buc-ee’s general counsel Jeff Nadalo said in the email. “It will feature what we believe will be the largest car wash in the world and backup power that will run the entire store (and car wash) in the event of a power outage. These new features have extended the normal timeline for construction.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard a bold claim about a record-breaking car wash. And BizJournals.con was also quick to point that out. If you’re looking for other impressive car washes, there’s one in Germany, Idaho and Utah who all claim to be the longest somewhere. Unfortunately, we don’t have a clear answer for you on who holds that record. You might just need to go check it out for yourself.