Mad Max CarwashWhat’s the opposite of a car wash? It must be something like this. A kind of reverse car wash in Canada is adding to the hype surrounding the release of Mad Max Fury Road, the fourth in the franchise of post-apocalyptic Australia action films.

Rather than pay for the suds and wax, fans of the movie opted instead to have their vehicles blasted with dust and dirt for a cinema-level effect worthy of the Hollywood blockbuster.

They called the “service” The Dusty Car Wash. The stunt was put on by a Toronto-based advertising company and a team of set decorators from Hollywood, according to the Toronto Sun:

A portion of Toronto’s Bloor Street got a post-apocalyptic makeover with a mix of metal wreckage, pyrotechnics and coloured smoke. The Dusty Car Wash gave fans a chance to have washable art inspired by the film painted on their vehicles.

Fans also got a $200 pre-paid gas card that didn’t hurt either.

The one-of-a-kind stunt was created by a local agency – Lowe Roche Advertising – and a team of Hollywood set dressers and professional artists.

The promotional video accompanying the stunt is as impressive as the film itself complete with pyrotechnics. You can watch the video here.