mothers day

What mom wouldn’t like a clean car?

With each holiday brings special opportunities for promotion, but very few are as right for advertising a car wash promotion than Mothers Day. The gift of a car wash has the perfect amount of thoughtfulness, utility, and cost-effectiveness to convince doting children it’s the right gift for mom.

One organization in Tennessee is holding a Mothers Day car wash to raise money for a youth basketball league. But that doesn’t mean a professional car wash can’t do something similar. Remember the strategy from Autobell, which split its profits with local charities. Here’s how you can arrange a quick and easy marketing campaign in time for Mothers Day in four easy steps:

  1. Contact a nonprofit organization in your community. Something mom-centric would be great. A few examples might include¬†an abused women’s shelter, a support group for parents of disabled children, or a breast cancer foundation. Ask them if they would be interested in splitting all Mothers Day earnings with your car wash. Make sure you draw up a contract to put the terms in writing. (The organization may already have forms.)
  2. Make a list of all of your marketing channels, and set a budget. Your channels could include Facebook, Twitter, email, signage, news media, and possibly word of mouth (speaking engagements).
  3. Develop your message (“for every dollar you spend at our car wash, 50 cents go toward this nonprofit”), and start pushing it onto those channels.
  4. Have fun with it! People love to know they’re doing something good for themselves, for a local business, and a local cause. Balloons and flowers can go a long way.

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