A rendering of Flying Ace Express Car Wash in Dayton, Ohio (courtesy)

A rendering of Flying Ace Express Car Wash in Dayton, Ohio (courtesy)

OK, this is just getting ridiculous.

You may recall The Camel Express Car Wash and its proposed longest car wash tunnel in the world, which is to be built near Nashville, Tennessee, and stretch an astonishing 130 feet. We wrote about that one in September.

Well, then a couple weeks later, we heard about the Flying Ace Express Car Wash, an aviation-themed business in Dayton, Ohio, that also claims it will be the world’s longest tunnel when construction finishes on a property they just bought — even though it too will be 130 feet long. We were speculating they might add a couple inches to the design to nose the other out.

Now it seems like they might have to scrap the blueprint and start over because the Dreamwash Auto Spa in Dallas is planning to build a 145-foot car wash tunnel, according to Professional Carwashing & Detailing. “The city of Frisco has been consistently ranked amongst the top three fastest growing cities in the United States for the last 10 years, and the population is projected to grow 18 percent annually for the next five years,” the owner told the magazine.

And with that confidence, they’re planning to make a splash not only by building what will assuredly be the world’s longest car wash tunnel, but they’re also going to be giving away unlimited free premium car washes to kick off their business. Very bold.

We’ll keep an eye on this developing story.